Investing in Safety

Safety is always a top priority for our team at Adept Vegetation Management Inc. We ensure our team members, clients and the public are safe by abiding by our structured Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental program. This program ensures that we are compliant for safety and the environment in all areas of our operations. Whether we are climbing an 80 foot tree, administering selective herbicide treatments to forests or industrial facility, or establishing a helipad on a remote hillside, safety remains our top priority.

STOP!, take the time to evaluate the work environment, the work task, fellow employees, customers, general public.

AWARE of your surroundings, whether it be the environment, a person or equipment.

FOLLOW instructions and the guidelines.

ENSURE appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is in good condition and used as required.

TRAINING, compliance, commitment, enforcement, and improvement play critical parts in our work safety ethics.

YOU!, when we all do our part, we can all be SAFE!

Adept Vegetation Management Inc. has been BC Forest Safe Certified since 2008

We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability. Our reputation for quality is a result of years of experience and careful consideration, ensuring a balance between client interests and responsible environmental stewardship.


We are proud to have a wide range of clients that appreciate our professionalism and choose to hire Adept Vegetation Management Inc. on long-term contracts.

Safety Management System Program (SMSP)






BC Forest Safe Certification - Base Audit required (over 20 employees)